The Lunaprise vision symbolizes a significant stride in human achievement and legacy, transcending the confines of Earth to etch humanity's indelible mark on the cosmos. This mission, encapsulating our culture, history, and individual tales within a time capsule destined for the moon, stands as a testament to human curiosity, unity, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. It's a celebration of our collective ingenuity and spirit, urging us to build, create, and share with future generations, ultimately engraving our essence in the fabric of the universe.

Time Capsule

The Lunaprise mission's cornerstone is an indestructible time capsule designed to preserve humanity's cultural heritage and knowledge. This innovative archive, capable of enduring a billion years, is a testament to our civilization's legacy, ensuring that the essence of human achievement and wisdom is safeguarded against the ravages of time and space, etching our story indelibly on the moon's surface

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Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey at Kennedy Space Center with Arch Mission Foundation, Galactic Legacy Labs, and Space Blue. Come celebrate the 222 partners who have created secret, soon-to-be-revealed, star-studded content to be stored for eternity on an indestructible time capsule called the Lunaprise," to launch to the moon on 2.13.24.

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Explore the Lunaprise mission, a groundbreaking endeavor to etch humanity's legacy on the cosmos. Discover more about our vision, mission details, and the innovative, indestructible time capsule set to preserve our cultural heritage for a billion years. Access our press kit for insights and updates on this extraordinary leap into the future.


Connect with us and be part of our cosmic journey! Your thoughts, inquiries, and collaborations are pivotal to our mission. Reach out via our contact form, email, or phone. Let's shape the future together and etch our story in the stars. Join us in safeguarding humanity's legacy!


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